I am so excited to announce that Seaside Invitations is getting a makeover. Not just any makeover but a major face lift. Yes, my friends I am happy to announce we are getting a new website & blog!!! YAY!! Over the past month or so I have been working with Synergy Web Productions, based out of Colorado on the look & feel and the direction that Seaside Invitations is going. When I first starting Seaside, I wanted the invitations to speak for themselves and not really immersing myself or my personality too much into the company, I wanted it to stand alone. After attending the amazing MTH event with Lara Casey I realized what a dumb idea that was. This company is my passion, art is my passion, colors are my passion, the beach is my passion and paper is my passion so why wouldn’t I merge the two. I decided that I want Seaside Invitations to be more of a reflection of who I am and the things I love. Who am I, you might ask, well I am a simple girl who loves beautiful colors, has a strong affinity towards fashion, loves to travel, appreciates beautiful simple photographs, loves love stories, and appreciates art in all its forms.

So I decided Seaside Invitations, needed a face lift. It needed to be more me. The first phase was redesigning the logo and business cards. I wanted my new logo to be clean, simple and chic. I love my new tag line, where art meets paper. At Seaside Invitations, everything is custom illustrated by us. Yes, I said us; I brought on my husband who is an amazing artist. You will find out more about him when the website is finished. 😉

One of the newest products Seaside Invitations offers is hand painted invitations. I wanted my business card to showcase my passions, paper and art. Each business card is printed on a textured cotton heavy stock paper, has a hand painted sea oat and is packaged in a cute little envelope. I figure a business card is an invitation for someone to contact you so if it acts as an invitation then why not have an envelope. J

Phase 1 of the face lift is complete and Phase 2 is coming to a close with the unveiling of the new website. I can’t wait to share more with you as the company and the brand grows.