How are you living your life? If you only had one more year to live, what are some of the things you would want to accomplish before your time ran out?

Today, I want to encourage you to give it all you’ve got and leave your mark! Life is too short and nothing is guaranteed. So go out and live to the fullest! Take a risk by doing that one thing you always dreamed of doing, loving deeper by caring for your family and those in need, working harder to meet that big audacious goal, and simply staying positive!

I wanted to share this beautiful poem to inspire you to live a full and purposeful life.

How Did You Die?

Did you tackle that trouble that came your way
With a resolute heart and cheerful?
Or hide your face from the light of day
With a craven soul and fearful?
Oh, a trouble’s a ton, or a trouble’s an ounce,
Or a trouble is what you make it.
And it isn’t the fact that you’re hurt that counts,
But only how did you take it?

You are beaten to earth? Well, well, what’s that?
Come up with a smiling face.
It’s nothing against you to fall down flat,
But to lie there – that’s disgrace.
The harder you’re thrown, why the higher you bounce;
Be proud of your blackened eye!
It isn’t the fact that you’re licked that counts;
It’s how did you fight and why?

And though you be done to the death, what then?
If you battled the best you could;
If you played your part in the world of men,
Why the Critic will call it good.
Death comes with a crawl, or comes with a pounce,
And whether he’s slow or spry,
It isn’t that fact that you’re dead that counts,
But only how did you die?

-Edmund Vance Cooke

Give it your all and don’t be afraid of failures! Leave your mark!

Happy Monday! 🙂 

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