Incorporating your color palette into your invitation suite

Last Thursday, we shared a few simple ideas on displaying the beauty of the season in your wedding paper goods (for more on this, check out last week’s post). This week, we’re talking about incorporating your color palette into your wedding invitations.

Aside from the color of the printed words, there are many other ways of incorporating your color palette into your wedding invitations with style and flair. You can stay simple by chosing a colored envelope, or you can add more details and accents pieces such as paper layer, card stock, envelope liners, belly bands, ribbons, and pocket folds! For example, a ribbon highlighting your colors could add a subtle and classy touch to your invitation, especially if the ribbon matches the pattern of your dress or the bridesmaids’ dresses.

These are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate colors into an invitation suite.

Including an envelope liners and a paper layer on the invitation

How to customize you wedding invitations

Adding a colored paper stock for one of the enclosure cards

Ways to add your colors into your wedding details

Choosing a colored envelope

Ideas on incorporating your colors into your wedding details

Incorporating a belly band or ribbon to tie the invitation suite

how to personalize your wedding invitations

Custom Letterpress Wedding InvitationsPhoto by: Castaldo Studio

Including a beautiful pocket-fold

Pocket-fold Wedding Invitations