We have been working on a top-secret project for a while now and we are finally ready to unveil it to you. After much consideration and careful planning we have decided to change our business name.

(What? Gasp! How? Why?)

Well.. as we worked with our web designer on the design bar we started to really evaluate our brand and our business goals. We felt the name Seaside Invitations, was no longer a true reflection of whom I was and whom the company is. The name, Seaside Invitations, was thought up from my love of the sea, sun and surf. I love the colors, smells and sounds of the ocean and am the happiest with sand between my toes and salt water in my hair (no really my hair looks awesome with salt water in it!). And although, my love for the ocean has not changed, the brand has.

Over the past year, we have become a husband and wife team fusing our passions together for great design, art, letterpress printing and all things paper {art + paper}. With Pat’s incredibly talented hand, we are able to introduce hand drawn elements that are one of a kind, mixed with his awesome problem solving skills he has been able to master and fall in love with the art of letterpress. Then, mixing in my design aesthetic, understanding of typography and love for all things paper we created our new brand. We just needed a name… and then, the light bulb went off and A&P Designs was born. The brand A&P Designs is a reflection of us {Alicia + Pat} and our passion for all things Art + Paper.

What does this mean for you?

Nothing really, other than saying, you are working with A&P Designs rather than Seaside Invitations. Our core values and mission is still the same. Our design style is still the same: clean + simple design fusing modern and vintage elements creating pieces of art on paper.  Our mission is to provide affordable pricing, custom designs and the very best in customer service is still there!

We plan on fully debuting and switching over to A&P Designs at the beginning of the year Jan 1, 2012. A new year + a new us. We will be blogging our journey of the rebranding process… to be honest it is a bit scary as we have developed and established a strong relationship with the wedding community, our vendors and our amazing brides as Seaside Invitations. Even though it is scary, I am incredibly excited to have a brand that fits perfectly and that is 100% Alicia + Pat. I think of it like finding the perfect pair of jeans… you feel like a million dollars when you find the one that fits you, your personality and your style. A&P Designs is our perfect pair of jeans.

Check back with us as we unveil our new logo, new business cards, new marketing materials, new website, new facebook, new everything all by the end of the year.