Inspirational Prints - Joy is in the Journey

Hey y’all! We are officially back in the office and ready to get into 2016! We were blessed enough to take time off over the holidays to be with family, play with Harlow, and simply rest. It was the perfect end to 2015, and today I am so excited to share with you our first “Motivational Mondays” blog! As a business, our mission is to infuse true love and joy into the lives of everyone that we come in contact with in every possible way! So on Mondays, we will be sharing something from the heart to encourage you and inspire you during the week!

I am sure you all set new goals and resolutions for 2016. I am a big goal-setter and list maker and this year, I have been working through the Powersheets by Lara Casey. They are so, so good!! If you are still working on your resolutions, I highly recommend checking them out! For the past couple of years, I have picked one word to define what I want my year to look like (the overall theme in everything I do during the year). This year, my word is JOY.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to always get caught up in the mundane and all the to-do’s that come with daily life that sometimes, I feel like I am going through the motions and end up loosing perspective on the things that really matter. Time is going by too fast and I know that – in a blink of an eye – Pat and I will be sitting on our porch sipping tea and thinking, “Man, we were we blessed! Remember when…?”

So this year, I am making an intentional effort to focus on the JOY that is in this chaotic yet beautiful journey of life. When it all comes to an end, I want to know that everyday I lived with JOY in my heart. And I know that only with God’s grace is that goal totally possible.

So whether you are a newlywed, an about-to-be-wed, a business owner, a new mom, or a seasoned mom whose baby is now getting married,  just know you are so blessed! Enjoy every moment in this season you are in.

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