Okay so I came across this image and I just had to post it. It reminded me of a conversation I had with my husband as he was trying to convince me to get a pig for a pet. Here is a little of how the conversation went.
Me:: Honey, I think we should get a little hound dog
Hubby:: We have no room for a dog
Me:: But I really want one… we can name him Blue
Hubby:: Yeah that would be great… maybe when we have more of a backyard
Me:: 🙁 (doing the best puppy dog face I have)
a couple days later….
Hubby:: Hey, I have an idea instead of a dog lets get a pig
Me: A pig!!
Hubby: Yeah a mini pig!! They don’t get too big
Me:: and where are we suppose to put this pig I thought our backyard wasn’t big enough
Hubby:: he can stay in the house
Me:: Umm no. Sorry no pig!
So I have to admit he is cute but the answer is still no.