Hello y’all!! We’re super excited to share with you some of the highlights of our amazing trip to North Carolina! Our team left sunny St. Pete bright and early on Thursday morning, eager to embark on our adventure. As soon as we stepped outside at the Raleigh airport, we were greeted by the cozy North Carolina fall weather, so we decided to rent a car and drive to Chapel Hill to explore their little downtown. Later that day, we got ready and went to celebrate with Southern Weddings as they launched the eighth issue of their highly acclaimed bridal magazine. The party was the highlight of the trip! Over 300 readers, vendors, friends got together at the beautiful, historic The Carolina Inn to celebrate the best of the South: love, God, family, and amazing food. We truly experienced southern hospitality at its finest!

Over the next two days, we decided to hit the other two “triangle” cities, Raleigh and Durham. These cities truly have something for everyone, and we were inspired by the charm and beauty emanating from every corner of the area. These sister cities have awesome museums, beautiful architecture, cute shops, and amazing restaurants. We visited The Handmade Market (of course!), pop-up shops, the flea market, Deco Raleigh, and the Videri Chocolate Factory, and we ate at some of the most amazing restaurants, including Beasley’s, Sitti, and The Raleigh Times. Of course, we couldn’t leave without trying some finger-lickin’ North Carolina barbecue, so we drove to Allen & Son, a no-frills, traditional barbecue place tucked away in Chapel Hill that serves, among other amazing foods, the best smoked pulled pork with a vinegar-based BBQ sauce. YUMMY!

The trip was a great time of inspiration and bonding with our team. Here are a few pics of our North Carolina adventures for you to enjoy!

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