The combination of white on black is absolutely gorgeous! However, like almost anything that is incredibly beautiful, it is not easy to achieve. Today, we will get into some of the details of how we create this amazing look.

Printing white letterpress on black paper is nearly impossible. The letterpress ink is translucent, resulting in a very muted look when printed on dark paper stock, so you won’t really achieve the nice, crisp contrast of the white against the dark background.

Regular digital printing is not possible on a dark paper, either, because regular digital printers do not have white ink. To achieve the white-on-black (or any other dark background) look, we actually print the background in the desired dark color on a white paper stock to give the illusion of white wording on a dark paper. The only problem is that on the backside of the invitation you will see the white color of the paper.

If you love the idea of having your invitations printed in white on a dark paper stock, then white foil is a wonderful option (the best in my opinion). Yes, white foil is a bit more of an investment than letterpress printing on white paper, but the finished product is stunning!



For dark envelopes, the return address can be done in white foil, but unfortunately, the guest addressing cannot. If you have your heart set on dark envelopes, then hand calligraphy is the way to go!  Hand calligraphy is incredibly gorgeous, and you will have the flexibility to really personalize your envelopes. Trust me, you will be obsessed with the look of your invitation suite, not to mention the fact that your guests will never stop talking about your invitations for years to come!


Hopefully, this was helpful! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions about printing white on dark paper!