I remember one morning I was washing dishes and Harlow was standing near my legs going through my cupboards (which of course I had already pulled out anything that would be dangerous), and as always she was laughing and climbing in the cupboards, pulling everything out of them, and running around the kitchen with so much joy. And, at that moment I thought of this verse,  “…she laughs without fear of the future…” She has no fear instilled in her mind yet, she has no anxieties of what is going on the world or even that she could potentially hurt herself…she was just full of joy and freedom! I like to think this is how we were all intended to be before fear cripples us…

This Bible verse has become so much more meaningful lately! With so many uncertainties in our world, it is so easy to be driven by fear and worry rather than faith. As women, the safety of our homes, our kids, and our loved ones can consume us to the point that we become too scared to take chances and too worried about what the future might hold.

Reading this verse brings me back to God’s unwavering love and grace. This verse challenges my human nature, and it gives my heart peace and hope and sets my focus on what is truly important. We will always experience fear and worry, but God’s unchanging love and sovereign nature is a constant reminder that, “… All things work for the good of those who love God…” (Rom8:28). He clothes us with strength, dignity, and peace about our futures. Despite all the troubles that may come our way, we can overcome them by relying on His strength and totally surrendering to His will.

Being afraid of the unknown and feeling worry is normal, but a virtuous woman is not driven by those feelings. Instead, she faces the future with boldness and confidence knowing that God is beside her through it all.

If you tend to be anxious about the future (as I do sometimes), take comfort that God can give a kind of peace that surpasses all understanding. According to this verse, He has given you the ability to “laugh at the days to come.”

So, go on and do those things that generally bring you fear! 🙂