Wedding Invitations Wording Ideas

When it comes to the wedding invitation wording a lot of brides are at a standstill trying to figure out what exactly the invitations should say. The process shouldn’t be stressful or complicated. I am here to help walk you through the process. With these simple tips, the process will be smooth. Remember, each piece in your wedding invitation suite has it’s own purpose and communicates a specific set of information your guests need to know.

The Invitation

– In all cases the names of the hosts should be listed at the top of the invitation.

– Every invitation card should include:

– Names of the bride and groom

– Names of the hosts (traditionally, the parents of the bride)

– Ceremony date, day of the week, time, and location

– The term “request honor of your presence” is typically reserved for a church wedding. You are welcome to spell it as either “honor” or “honour.” Just make sure on your reply card you match it with either “favor” or “favour.”

-If you are getting married outside of a church (i.e. on a beach, in a garden, in a ballroom, etc.) suggested invitation wording would be “request the pleasure of your company.”

– If the wedding ceremony and reception are being hosted in the same location,
 there is no need for a reception card. At the bottom of the invitation, simply say “Reception to follow,” “Dinner and dancing to follow,” or something to that effect.

– Spell it out. For your wedding collection, try not to abbreviate anything. It’s a good idea to spell out state names, street information and middle names.


Here are few wedding invitation wording ideas

Traditional and/or formal weddings being held IN a church. Wedding Invitation Wording SamplesWedding Invitation Wording Ideas

For more formal and/or traditional weddings being held OUTSIDE of a church.

Wedding Invitations Wording EtiquetteWedding Invitation Etiquette

For less formal or non-traditional weddings. There is a myriad of ways to arrange the wording, so feel free to add in your own creativity 🙂

Wedding Invitation Proper Etiquette

Wedding Invitation WordingI hope this was helpful! Next week we will be showing you some samples for special situation (ex. widow, military, doctor, etc.)  wording ideas. Stay tuned!

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