painted seaoats

The site has finally launched and I am so over the moon excited and absolutely in love with this new site. I feel like it’s so much more of a reflection of the brand and really showcases our products. In the site you get to find out a little bit more about myself and my husband, who is the artist behind the Brush Strokes and Idyllic Ink Collection. We are really excited about these two new collections and will unveil more in the coming weeks.

Over the past several months we have been very focused on developing the brand of Seaside Invitations.  We wanted it to be a true reflection of the things we love and our personalities. We both love everything about the beach – the sea, the sand and the surf, which is why we named our company after it. The tag, ‘Where Art Meets Paper’ is a true combination of Pat and Alicia. Pat is passionate about traditional art forms, drawing and painting and I am passionate about paper, patterns, textures, fonts and colors. We pull our inspirations from a combination of these whether it’s while we travel, relax by the beach or even while we grocery shop.

Where Art Meets Paper the Blog will be used as a sketchbook to showcase our passions and what’s inspiring us. Here are some things you can expect from the new blog.

Inside the studio – will feature sneak peeks, inspiration boards developed for clients and invitation design from the very first sketch to the final product and everything in between.

You Make my Heart Smile – will feature really cool papers, amazing graphic design, type design, vintage patterns, beautiful love stories, cool photos, fun finds and anything else that makes my heart smile.

Weekend Adventurers – Pat and I like to think of ourselves as ‘Weekend Adventurers’.  Here we will talk about our passions beyond paper. We are passionate about food, travel, and living our life to the fullest every day.

Oh So Chic – will feature inspirations drawn from the fashion industry

Something New, Used, Old and Blue – we will feature advice for brides on their paper goods, trends in the industry, inspiration boards, traditions, local vendors / venues and all things wedding.

The constant theme in all these categories is showcasing art in our daily lives whether it’s through nature,  colors, a pattern on a shirt or in a photograph. For us art is our inspiration and it can be found anywhere and everywhere, it’s just a matter of opening your eyes and tilting your head and thinking hmmm…

So feel free to check back often, we love to have you.

xoxo – alicia