Wording Tips for Response and Reception Cards

In last week’s Tips N’ Trends post we discussed the purpose of the most commonly used enclosure to help you with the process of choosing the right ones to insert in your invitation suite. Aside from giving you some wording tips for you actual invitation, today we will be giving you some wording ideas for your reception and response cards.


As we previously discuss, the reception card is used whenever the wedding ceremony and reception are held in different locations (Example: ceremony is at a church, and reception is at a hotel). While the wedding invitation displays the ceremony details, the reception card specifies the details such as time and location of the reception celebration

Here are a few samples.


Reception Card Wording Ideas


Wording for Wedding Invitations Enclosure Cards


Enclosure Cards Wedding Invitations


The response card allows your guest to notify you whether or not they will be attending to the wedding and the reception, how many will be attending, and each guest’s meal selection. Your place cards must have a response date and envelope with return address and postal stamp.

Here are a few samples


Wedding Invitation Reply Card Wording Ideas


Response Card Wording Ideas


RSVP Card Wording Ideas