Cast All Your Anxieties on Him

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by life’s circumstances that you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders? I know I have! There are times that my mind gets so caught up trying to find solutions to situations that are out of my control that I end up loosing my joy and peace because I’m worrying about what the outcome might be.

Today, I want to bring some hope and peace to your heavy heart by reminding you that God cares about the details in your life. Go to Him and believe that He has it under control and that He will take care of you. He might not take away the situation that is worrying you, but one thing is sure: He will walk with you and give you the strength you need to handle the giants in your life.

Have faith in God and cast your burdens on Him. Whether it is a personal situation, a family issue, or worry about the future, leave everything to His infinite wisdom and divine will. Trust that He hears you and will be close enough to hold you every step of the journey.

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