Hi friends, happy Monday!

I am writing this email from the new studio! This past weekend was our big move in.  What a task! But we are all moved in now for the most part, at least enough to where we can work & do production.  We still have lots of decorating and painting to do but we are slowly and surely getting there. I will post photos throughout the month on how it progresses. We have been doing some antiquing and have found some really beautiful pieces that we plan on repurposing, Pat also has quite a list of items I would like custom built. (Yeah, he loves me right about now! Ha) I can’t wait to see it all come together.

But for today, as I sit here while the Internet gets hooked up with a very long to-do list waiting for me I am just grateful.  Grateful for the people in our lives that love on us and encourage us to no end.  Grateful for our beautiful clients & vendor friends who continue to inspire us daily. Grateful to be doing what we love with the one we love everyday. Grateful for God and all his many blessings he has given to us. Without Him, none of this would be possible. We are so encouraged & excited to see how His work will be done through us in this new space where we can grow (in every way), spread our wings, get creative, and live to our true potential on this path that He has set forth for us.

So while the world rushes by (I can literally hear them here them on Central Ave ) and the internet gets installed. I am just sitting here with a smile on my face, sipping my coffee, giving thanks and appreciating the stillness of this Monday morning. I know that it will get done today, items will get crossed off my to-do list, invitations will get printed, envelopes will get addressed, emails will get answered and they will get done with a smile. No manic Monday here!

So with love, gratitude, grace & peace, I hope you all are having a beautiful Monday!