For months, Pat and I have been dreaming and searching for a perfect spot {thanks to Caroline & Evan Photography for finding this little gem} where we could grow as designers, have open space to move around in and have a cohesive & organized area that we can work out of and meet clients in.  That’s not asking for much is it? We have quite literally grown out of our little home studio. With boxes of paper arriving everyday, shelves of printing equipment, envelopes and packaging materials.  Literally A&P Designs is taking over our home. We love it all oh so much, and I will miss working in my yoga pants & not having to put makeup on (yes, I have become that work-from-home person that I said I wouldn’t) but its time to have a clear definition of space from home & work. When you have your own business its very hard to not blur the two together.

The little beauty of a spot, that is now the new home of A&P Designs, nestled in downtown St. Petersburg was in rough condition when we signed the lease. There was lots to do and it was a little overwhelming. But the renovation is coming along quite well. I won’t show you the before photos just yet, it might just scare you away. So far wallpaper is down, ceiling leaks are repaired, walls are painted a crisp white and floors are being laid this week! I have to admit when it comes to designing spaces, that is not my fort-ay. Give me paper any day of the week, but when it comes to a building I get overwhelmed with all the space but thanks to my friend Amanda Allen, of Amanda Allen Designs & MMD Events, we have been able to come up with a beautiful design for both the client & production area mixing vintage & danish mid-century modern with industrial pieces to complete the look. We are bringing in lots of woods & steel and brightening everything up with crisp white and pops of color. Pat and I love treasure hunting “picking / antiquing” and we have found some really awesome finds that we are going to repurpose into the studio space. And, of course, Pat has a long list of things I want him to build. I can’t wait to see it all come together.

While the space is being built we are still working away on lots of beautiful custom invitations designs for all our amazing brides. If you want to schedule a consultation, I am happy to chat via the phone, email or in person. If you want to meet in-person, I am happy to meet you at a local Starbucks near you.