Your Save-the-Date are shipped and delivered, everyone is full of excitement about your upcoming wedding and talking about how awesome your Save-the-Date look! Now is time to create your invitations!

Your invitations set the tone of your event! They are the first glimpse your guests get into seeing what you have been working hard on for the past several months / years while planning your big day! There are so many ways to incorporate your wedding style and colors into your invitations. You have spent so much time and money into infusing your personalities and love story into your wedding, that we want your invitations to reflect that.

Here are just a couple of ideas you can incorporate your style / personality into your paper goods.

Hand drawing design. You can highlight elements of your wedding by incorporating some hand drawn motifs. You can do this on your invitation itself, or on an enclosure card or even in the envelope liner. There is nothing more personal than adding an artistic touch to your paper goods.

WEB_2 Invite_2

Envelope Liners. Envelope liners are a fun way to add in some personality or even a bit more of your color palette. I always feel an envelope liner just finishes the look of your invitation suite. I especially love when a bride choses to go simple and clean on the invitation but adds in a little but of design on the liner.

InvitationsSuite_2 Invitation

Patterns. Bold or subtle, adding a pattern to your invites adds a lot of depth and texture into your wedding invitations. They can make your invitations look beautiful and unique.

InvitationSuite InvitationSuite_4

Paper Stock. Another option to incorporate your colors is through your paper stock. You can either alternate paper colors or you can incorporate a paper layer. Whether you want something bold or subtle, the option on paper colors are endless! This is another great way to pull in your color palette.


These are just a few ways to pull in your style and personality into your paper goods. We love a good love story and love getting creative on who we can pull your wedding style all together on your paper goods. Let us know if you have any questions or if you want to set up a consultation to discuss your wedding invitations details.