Meet Baby Harlow…

The cutie in the studio, Harlow’s main role is generally to bring joy to the studio and distract us all from our work. She likes to examine each invitation with her mouth and often claps if she approves. She is also in charge of mom + dad’s schedule and makes sure they come home early to spend time with her 🙂

BabyHarlow_3 BabyHarlow_1  BabyHarlow_2

1. Favorite quote or motto – “Oh Wow” – this is what she says as she is exploring things

2. Favorite Holiday – Birthday

3. What inspires you the most?  Mommy & Daddy

4. Early riser or night owl? Early Riser

5. When I am not at A&P you will find me… walking around my house

6. Next place you want to visit – Nana’s House

7. Favorite store – Baby Gap

8. Favorite foods – Raviolis & Sweet Potatoes

9. Favorite drink – Formula

10. Font – Arial (looks like all my alphabet books)